Insurance for Businesses

Are you a business owner looking to safeguard your business against any risk that could threaten it? Are you also looking to control costs while being well informed about the kind of coverage you need? We have solutions for you.

Business insurance is where a broker’s strengths really shine, since every business is different. We have the experience necessary in order to examine all the risks to which you may be exposed, to offer you customized coverage and to negotiate the best rates from our multiple insurers.

Loss prevention is one of our main objectives and, working with our insurers, we can help you minimize the risks associated with your business operations. We have the capacity to cover all types of commercial risk for retailers, wholesalers, contractors, transportation and logistics companies, manufacturers, grocers, the real estate and office space sectors as well as the service industry.

Surety Bonds

Surety bond insurance can be a powerful ally for businesses when performing a project or for obtaining licenses and permits. Whether you’re a contractor, a service provider, or a construction company, we have what you need.

Unlike an insurance policy, a surety bond involves more than one party, making it more of a financial instrument than an insurance product.

Whether you need a tender bond, a performance bond, surety for a service contract or to accompany a request for a licence or permit from a provincial or federal authority, our brokers can provide expert advice based on your needs.

Commercial Automobile Insurance

Do you use your car for business? Do you own a fleet of vehicles?

Insuring vehicles for commercial use is different than insuring your personal vehicle. You need coverage for civil liability as well as for your business equipment and any third-party goods or parcels you are transporting.

At Lajoie Assurance we can provide you with the required insurance coverage based on the commercial use of your vehicles and your business operations.

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